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Adventurous. Invested. Sophisticated.

Environmentally Responsible Communities in the Rainforest

Our story

Adventurous. Invested. Sophisticated.

Redefining Luxury in Costa Rica

Who says luxurious accommodations cannot be set in a sustainably responsible community? Elan at Ballena Beach and Terraces at San Martin are part of a greater network of luxury accommodations and amenities in the Coast Ballena area working together to support the local environment and community. These individual communities are created by Axiom Development group. In the conception of all of our Axiom communites, we have 5 standards that must be met before moving forward as a viable solution to balance development and nature. By working with our core principles to create these luxurious one of a kind accommodations our guests and residents get to experience nature at its purest while enjoying the comforts of home.

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Axiom and Elan are working closely with the Costa Rican government to develop new programs that will allow all common areas of its development to run on solar power. As a result, the company’s Élan at Ballena Beach project will use solar energy to common power areas including swimming pools, elevators, exterior lighting, a commercial center, entry buildings, and recreation pavilions. Additionally, Axiom is sparing no expense by opting to install high- efficiency air conditioning systems in all of its units, ensuring a higher Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER). Élan’s insulated building materials and lEd lighting further assist the cause, while sustainable design features, including the optimization of natural wind and sun patterns, also help to offset energy consumption. Within the luxurious confines of Axiom’s multi-million dollar mountaintop estates in the Sierra Collection, solar energy technology has also been installed in order to offset consumption from the grid for things like modern appliances and alarm systems. Axiom is raising the bar on sustainable living by incorporating contemporary comforts into environments where both man and nature can harmoniously co-exist. while history has left a

Wake of destruction in the path of man’s conquest of nature, Axiom’s extensive experience in sustainable development, and in Central America, is helping to
strike a delicate balance along the Costa Ballena coast. Within the parameters of that delicate balance, the company is employing painstaking measures to ensure the preservation of the natural beauty that brought us to Costa Rica in the first place, while disproving the misconception that sustainable living must be something less than luxurious.


In the Costa Ballena region, axiom embarked on a challenging vision, sparing no expense to develop landmarked by severe soil conditions, rugged terrain, and strict government regulations. Along a unique stretch
of Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, where the mountains meet the sea, mother nature herself was already facing an environmental concern. As the rains flowed down
the mountainside and across the coastal highway, contamination flowed naturally into streams and creeks that weave their way into the Pacific waters. One of
the first projects set in motion by axiom addressed
that runoff issue through the installation of a state-
the of-the-art water treatment plant, which now purifies the wastewater and has rectified the long-term threat. Furthermore, while the purified water could be used for irrigation purposes, axiom has also made conscious efforts to select and grow native flora for use within its development sites that will reduce the need for irrigation and sprinkler systems. In addressing the critical issue of water procurement, purification, and usage, axiom also developed an aqueduct system that not only provides water to its own developments but which also enhances the water systems of several surrounding communities. The aqueduct brings water to the cities, including homes, schools, businesses, and government facilities. In the town of Uvita, the summer months have traditionally led to water shortages. The new aqueduct will not only address that issue, but it was built to sustain the future growth of the town for the next five years with additional water sources and a 500,000-liter tank gravity feeding the city below.

the axiom development group also supports the initiatives of the blue flag Ecological program, which was created in response to the imminent dangers of beach pollution, its repercussions on public health and the tourism industry.

the inter-institutional effort encourages participation from surrounding communities and local schools and fosters environmental education within Costa Rica’s coastal communities.

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”I believe design solutions have to respond to environmental context like culture, physical location, the ecosystem, technical and materials restrictions.“



Every axiom project begins with sustainability as a core definition, and development does not start until the functioning of the land is fully understood. As a result, axiom has remained ahead of the curve with strategic planning initiatives that have already begun to bear fruit. Development of the terraces at san martin started with a strategic plan to designate preserve areas that would ensure the uninhibited view of the surrounding rainforest canopy and its fauna. The company also designated preserve lands within its concession as a contribution to the valuable efforts of the path of the tapir biological corridor project. Élan at Ballena beach community nestled between one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches and a national park has not only succeeded in preserving all existing trees on the site, but its nursery of 25,000 indigenous plants is helping to enhance the future of delicate ecosystems that anchor its surroundings. Included in the nursery are more than 1,000 trees, including hardwoods and other species that provide essential nutrients to surrounding fauna.

Through initiatives like the nursery at Élan at Ballena, the reach of axiom’s strategic planning has extended to the beautification efforts of surrounding communities outside of its development zones, including the town of Uvita. Axiom also donated 100 trees to Marino Ballena national park earlier this year in conjunction with the reforestation efforts of Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Telecommunications (minaE). The donation will not only enhance the region’s overall regeneration process, but the 100 mountain almond trees form an essential part of the natural habitat of the endangered great green macaw.

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Axiom development group has taken painstaking measures in Elan and Terraces to ensure the integrity of the rainforest canopy on its development sites, which is an essential corridor for fauna and their natural feeding habits. The company has backed its commitment to the preservation and enhancement of the surrounding environment for fauna and flora through donations to the Corcovado foundation, which provides local communities and citizens in the Costa ballena region with a platform from which to address environmental concerns via the amigos de marino ballena sub-foundation. additional support has also been provided to initiatives such as the blue flag Ecological program, which was created in response to the imminent dangers of beach pollution.
Axiom’s developments in the region also adhere to the standards of dark sky Compliance, ensuring the minimization of ambient light that can have a profound effect on local fauna, including nesting turtle behaviors along the beaches of the Costa Ballena shores. as turtles hatch, the hatchings instinctively follow the guiding light of shining stars and moonlight into the pacific waters, whereas an abundance of inland light

It can establish a path of dangerous counter-motion. To ensure that development is dark sky Compliant, all exterior lighting on axiom sites has been established 3000 kelvin or below on the light spectrum. Building lights and sconces were explicitly designed to reduce light pollution, and the company also opted for low-voltage bollard lighting instead of overhead street lighting. further reducing its impact on the surrounding environment, axiom’s preservation of the surrounding rainforest canopy also contributes to the trapping of ambient light.

Axiom development group believes that beautiful places should remain beautiful forever, which requires development that is not only sustainable today, but also enhancing for tomorrow. to that end, the company continues to work closely with the Costa Rican government in order to develop new programs and initiatives that address the long-term health and preservation of a fragile bio-corridor.


From an industry perspective, Elan with Axiom development group are members of the green building Council of Costa Rica (GBC-CR), an organization that supports sustainable development in the country. Beyond that mandate, members of the organization, like Axiom, foster cooperation, and participation within the communities in which they build by promoting their social, economic, cultural, and environmental development as a whole. From conception, axiom has designed a network of developments that will drive owners into the heart of local communities, where they will explore the culture and contribute to local economies. In building that network, axiom has also provided hundreds of jobs to local residents who live in some of those very same communities.

Axiom also supports the amigos de Marino Ballena foundation (AMBF) and its efforts to ensure the protection of 5 national park beaches within Marino Ballena national park. The AMBF empowers citizens in direct support of the park by enabling communities to develop projects that address the issues that most concern them. The AMBF is a sub-platform of the Corcovado Foundation, a local non-profit organization dedicated to supporting projects that help protect the Osa peninsula’s natural resources. In addition to monetary donations, axiom also donated a boat trailer to AMBF in support of its operations.

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“We believe that every great place has a soul. A uniqueness that defines it and draws us to it while awakening our sense of adventure, and that once discovered, pulls us back to share it with the people who are most important to us. This belief is the foundation of all of our development practices and it directs us in deciding not only which product to create, but also where the product would be most beneficial to the community while in harmony with the existing environment.”