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Costa Ballena Is Being Discovered By The World And You Can Be Part of The Real Estate Revolution in Costa Rica! Owning or Renting Luxurious and Sustainable Homes Near The Best Beaches in Town, A Rental Program That Produces Returns Higher Than Banks In The US, Credit Unions and Banks With Outstanding Returns, Pristine Turquoise Colored Beaches With Lush Forests During Year-round, 40 Minutes Away From The Second Largest City In The Country, Currently Developing An International Airport and Multiple Commercial Center, Those Are Just A Few Reasons to Stay and Be Part of The Ballena Coast Experience.

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Costa Ballena Costa Rica

The Ballena Coast Treasures

Costa Ballena is a unique place to discover, It keeps the concept of nature and responsible values integrated within the communities. In Costa Rica, our region distinguishes itself from many places in the country, along a small stretch of coastline you can find dozens of restaurants with amazing cuisine, waterfalls, beautiful creeks, trails, wildlife sanctuaries, surf spots, rafting rivers, beaches and much more!

The Ballena coast extends from the surfing town of Dominical to the gastronomy hub of Ochochal, the coastal community is part of the Osa Península which is known for its incredible biodiversity, it’s the hot spot for nature lovers, conservationists, and eco-adventurers, The Osa Peninsula is also considered a world treasure because it contains 5% of the total biodiversity of the world, usually compared with places like the amazonian forest.

Immerse in the local towns of Uvita and Bahia. You can find the “Marino Ballena National Park,” a park well known for the “Whale Tail,” which is a natural phenomenon revealing itself with the tides. The Whales Tail spans 1,000 meters into the sea with sandy beaches on both sides. The whale’s tail formation creates a bay in which the Humpback Whales populate and use as a nursery seven months out of the year.  Costa Ballena is also near, “Corcovado National Park,” right in the deep forest of the peninsula.

Costa Ballena, Meaning Whale Coast, is well known for a large number of migratory whales, one of the most popular attractions in the area is whale watching, for twice a year and even for more time sometimes, you take a boat and spot them within meters from the coast, you can also spot whales even from the shore in some beaches like Elan at Ballena Beach.

The development of Costa Ballena has been exponentially growing in the last few years making it one of the most exciting zones to develop residential and commercial properties in the country, something Costa Ballena has to offer to the investors is it’s expanse along the coast with 600m (2,000ft) high mountains as a backdrop, capacity and amount of properties available, compared to similar areas like Manuel Antonio or Jaco where the building space and resources are running out and the price of the few properties left is above market demand.

San Isidro, The Second Largest City In Costa Rica

San Isidro Del General, the closest city to the Ballena Coast and is a place that is developing exponentially. With a very stable and consolidated economy, exceptional education levels, first-level public, and private hospitals and clinics, and the commercial and business hub of the southern region. San Isidro has a variety of services and products that allow people from nearby towns to find modern life amenities.

San Isidro is the first district of the county of Perez Zeledon, in the southern part of the province of San José. It’s located 700 meters above the sea level, and it is 131 miles from Paso Canoas, the border town with Panama. The city of San Isidro is a strategic place between the southern region and the rest of the country.

Unlike most of the towns outside of the capital city, San Isidro doesn’t depend on the industrialization of single products or crops produced in the area. Going north in the country or south, you can find towns that rely on the production of big companies and their economy depends only on what those companies produce.

The town of San Isidro has developed a stable product and service market. Local businesses are growing sustainably, which allows improvements to the city’s infrastructure and creates emerging markets for local and foreign companies. Currently, several substantial commercial developments are being built, including a Wallmart Center.

Education is an essential asset in the city. You can find ten different universities in the town, most of them with bilingual education programs and multiple careers the students can choose. This abundance of educational options provides the city with a very well trained and competitive labor force.

The Project of Airport City International

The Special Economic Zone and Airport City is a project that is currently in progress between investors from foreign private companies and the local government of San Isidro.

The project consists of an international airport and terminal, a hotel, an educational center, an office center, vertical apartment towers, warehouses, a commercial center, and a fuel station. Currently, the local government is coordinating the permits with the national government institutions. The earth movements are planned to start in February of 2020. In a recent speech, the president of the country gave support to the local government and the city of San Isidro to develop this promising project.

The government is also working on the development of a second highway between the new Airport City and the coast. The initiative will create a direct driving line between San Isidro and the town of Costa Ballena and will reduce the driving time to 20 minutes, eventually providing direct access to the international airport.

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Destination Homes Collection Rental Program

Destination Homes – Costa Rica Collection, is a rental management division created by Axiom Development Group to provide excellent management services for Elan at Ballena Beach, The Terraces at San Martin, Sierra Collection, and Dulce Pacifico. The rental program allows any of the owners and members of the Axiom family to rent their homes and receive rental income that not only covers their utilities, cleaning, and maintenance expenses but produces a return on their investment annually.

After becoming an owner within the Axiom family of properties, you can enroll in our rental program. Our property management services include:

Comprehensive, marketing-focused management fee – our management fee is comprehensive and competitively priced, and we reinvest in your home each year with our extensive marketing plan. If you are new to renting your home, we can also help arrange the permits and details required to set up your property.

Innovative technology – we automatically optimize rates year-round, not only green and dry season, ensuring that your home is truly maximizing its potential in terms of occupancy and income. We also conduct an in-depth analysis of every property: if a home is underperforming, we find out why, and we solve the challenge.

Flexible owner use – at destination homes Costa Rica, we realize the reason you purchased a vacation home was so that you could enjoy it. For this simple reason – unlike many of our competitors – we do not impose strict limits on when you can vacation in your own home.

Industry-leading reservations team – our reservations team, located in your community, is available every day and they are the best in the business. Our extensive training process equips our staff to convert inquiries into bookings, carefully screen travelers, and troubleshoot issues with current guests, minimizing unnecessary maintenance charges.

A strong local presence – we have a manager on call, seven days per week, we have a strong local team of reservations, housekeepers, handymen, and other service providers. If a problem arises, our on-call manager will work with his team to solve the issue.

Exceptional housekeepers – we believe housekeepers are indeed the backbone of our company and a key ingredient in positive guest experience. We hire the best housekeepers, and we retain them by offering a year-round living wage and plenty of advancement opportunities in an industry known for its seasonal fluctuations.

No long-term contracts – we believe in the services we offer as we provide excellent services and financial results. We do not lock our clients into long-term agreements. If you are not happy with our performance, you can choose to stop renting your home at any time. We ask only that existing reservations be honored in consideration of our guests.

Hire local, spend local, grow local – as our business grows, so does our commitment to reinvest in the Costa Ballena area. In addition to creating jobs for local residents, we cultivate partnerships with local companies, sponsor community events, and work with area organizations to promote tourism and economic growth.

The regular ROI in our units goes from 5% to 7% annually, in comparison to the yields of a certificate of deposit in the private banks of the US, which is 3.4% more. According to Site Selection Magazine of 2016, Costa Rica is among the top 5 “Best to Invest” countries in the world. Real Estate financial products are the top options for foreign investors.

The Government Stability

About Costa Rica

The Economy

Costa Rica is among the top 5 “Best to Invest” countries in the world, according to Site Selection Magazine of 2016.

Important Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s population is 5 million people
The Labor force is 2.6 million people
Education Budget is 7.6% of the GDP
Healthcare Budget is 9.9% of the GDP
Costa Rica has no Army Since 1949
Costa Rica has 5% of the world’s biodiversity
The official language is Spanish; however, the majority of the population uses English as their second language

Business Environment

Costa Rica’s political stability is one of the higher in Central and South America
The Country’s form of government is a democracy and has been like that since 120 years ago.
The safety level of the Country is one of the highest in the region, and the Country dedicates a significant portion of their GDP for the national police.

Other Important Facts

Costa Rica generates 100% of its electricity from renewable sources
Costa Rica’s income per capita $16,142 PPP, one of the highest in the region
The average temperature over the year is 24 degrees Celsius
Most Important Economic Indicators
Inflation Rate
Basic Passive Rate
Monthly Index of Economic Activity
Government Financial Deficit
Exchange Rate (CRC/USD)

The New Digital Government Implementation

As part of their efforts to increase the effectiveness of the government institutions, during the last 5 years Costa Rica has been making some changes in the structure and protocols handled by each public institution, bringing new electronic tools and platforms at the reach of each Costa Rican Citizen and Non-Citizens as well, for example for checking their medical records digitally, getting appointments for most of the procedures in multiple institutions along the Country, therefore this has been improving the way the public system works and also avoiding queues at the majority of institutions. Also, as part of those efforts, the central bank has implemented one electronic version of the ID and signature that can be requested by Costa Rican Citizens and Also residents, with the new electronic version of the ID the people will be able to do a variety of processes online without having to attend to the public institutions in person.

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Yields of Financial Products in Local Banks and Credit Unions

The Colon is Costa Rica’s official currency. The central bank is the institution in charge of controlling the politics related to finance and economics in the country. Their primary focus is on maintaining the stability of the financial system by keeping the inflation level low and stable. This is done by managing the interest rates that enable the economy to stabilize, which is one of the reasons most companies choose Costa Rica to make their investments in Central America.

As the chart at the left shows, the US Dollar value has been increasing significantly in the last years against the Costa Rican Colons, this figure is one of the reasons why many people from around the world are investing in multiple products in the country, the value that the people gets from their dollars brings them more goods once they exchange those dollars to colones.

For example:

In 2016, the average value of the dollar against colones was 560, if you were planning on investing in a $500,000.00 asset, those in 2016 would have been valued at CRC 280,000,000.00. Then those $500,000.00 at the current exchange rate that is on average 590 are worth CRC 295,000,000.00, which is an increase of CRC 15,000,000.00 in less than two years or $25,424.00 at the current exchange rate, that is a 5% gain just on the exchange rate.

The Rates at The Credit Unions

Credit unions in Costa Rica enjoy multiple tax benefits, which allow them to offer very competitive rates in their products as Certificates of Deposit, which is their star product in the Costa Rican market. With the new tax regulation, new tax rates have been added to the products the credit unions sale in the market. However, those keep still being lower than the taxes the banks pay, which makes them maintain their yields higher than the banking system.

A restriction you will find with the credit unions is that they only allow physical persons to invest with them, corporations are not allowed to invest in credit unions in Costa Rica.

The higher rates you can get are available if you invest in a local currency, the difference in the yields can vary as much as twice the yield you could achieve for a similar investment in USD dollars.

The following rates are an example of the average yields from Credit Unions in the country. The rate is shown in a yearly return:

3 month      6.03% annual rate

6 month      7.36% annual rate

12 month    9.65% annual rate

18 month    9.88% annual rate

24 month    11.02% annual rate

36 month    11.94% annual rate

One of the things investors should consider before investing in the products of the credit unions, primarily if they are investing in local currency is the variation of the exchange rate. The economy of the country and the Central Bank is stable due to the relationships with multiple large government and private institutions. This stability delivers a steady and low inflation rate and consequently low volatility of the Costa Rican currency.

***The rates shown above are just for reference and should not be used for investment desitions in the first instance, the exact values may vary depending on the volatility of the market, we recommend you to visit the website of each financial institution to obtain the most updated values. 

The Banking System

The banks in Costa Rica are known to be stable. All private and public banks are under the supervision of the Super Intendency of Financial Institutions and the Central Bank. Those entities guard for the interest and welfare of the financial system, stability of the national economy, the value of the currency, and bank inflation rates.

The Costa Rican government operates multiple state-run banks throughout the country. The government hands-on operational involvement is one of the most significant differences between the Costa Rican and the US Banking System. In the country, there are plenty of quality private banks. However, most residents actually prefer the state-run banks, because they offer more protection than privatized banks. Not a single state-run bank has failed in over 30 years. All deposit in Costa Rican state-run banks is 100% insured. Meanwhile, in the US, the FDIC only insures saving accounts up to $250,000.00, but there is no limit in Costa Rica.

Investing in financial products from banks in Costa Rica is easy as long as you comply with the requirements they ask due to international regulations on the money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Costa Rica is part of multiple international treaties that allow the country to have good ratings and attract investors from all over the world. The first thing the credit unions or banks with ask is to certify your income. The regulatory agencies require banks to verify the income of all depositors. All customers must provide statements and pay stubs from their employer to open a bank account. Independent contractors can use a certificate of income from a CPA. Self -employed people must make sure their business is registered and operating legitimately. You’ll have to give all documentation to your CPA and the bank to grant your business is not running an illegal activity.

Financial Products:

In Costa Rica, the variety of products is limited in comparison to the US or other international markets. What’s interesting about the financial system is that the yields that the products provide are more significant than the ones you can have in other international investment options.

The most popular products are Certificates of Deposit and Investment  Funds. All the private and public banks in the country offer CDs at different rates and periods. In most institutions, you can open a CD from 1 month to even 36 months or more.

In Average, the rates of CD’s in state-run banks in Costa Rica in local currency are the following:

3 month      5.70% annual rate

6 month      7.20% annual rate

12 month    8.35% annual rate

18 month    8.45% annual rate

24 month    8.55% annual rate

36 month    8.75% annual rate

Investors that open Certificates of Deposit in local currency bring the money in foreign currency. Then negotiate the exchange rate with the bank at the time of doing the conversion to CRC profiting additional potential profits from the exchange spread. In most cases, the investors can make up to 0.6% of the investment amount just by negotiation with the bank.

***The rates shown above are just for reference and should not be used for investment desitions in the first instance, the exact values may vary depending on the volatility of the market, we recommend you to visit the website of each financial institution to obtain the most updated values. 

Investment Funds

Investment funds are also a reliable investment vehicle in both public and private banks. The yields in the investment fund will directly depend on the amount of risk in the product’s portfolio. One of the most profitable investment funds in the market is the Real Estate. The average yield can reach 9% a year with a medium risk level.

The following are averages on the yields of investment funds in private and public banks in Costa Rica in local currency and US dollars:

Name/Currency                           Composition            Performance (Avg)

Low Risk

Standard CRC                               Government                           5.14% year

Mixed CRC                                      45% Pub. / 55% Pr.              4.63% year

Medium Risk

Mid-Rent CRC                                Stocks/Real Estate               12.32% year

Industry  USD                                Stocks/Real Estate                10.67% year

Real Estate USD                            Stocks/Real Estate                 9.02% year

***The rates shown above are just for reference and should not be used for investment desitions in the first instance, the exact values may vary depending on the volatility of the market, we recommend you to visit the website of each financial institution to obtain the most updated values. 

If you would like to know more about the investment opportunities that Costa Ballena has to offer, get in touch with our finnancial planning consultant or an account executive from a finnancial institution please send an email to or click the button below and we’ll get in touch momentarily.

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